3 Things To Know About Making Your Bathroom Barrier-Free

If you have a disability, or if you have a family member who has a disability, making your bathroom barrier-free will make it easier for someone with a physical disability to use it.


One of the most important spots in your bathroom to make barrier-free is the shower. For individuals with physical disabilities, getting in and out of a shower can require assistance or a high degree of energy and effort. It can become a daily obstacle that prevents one from keeping and staying clean. Being able to stay clean affects not only one's physical health, but their mental health as well.

A great solution is installing a barrier-free shower. With a barrier-free shower, there is no door that one has to open or close. With a barrier-free shower, there is no lip on the shower to get over, no curb to have to overcome.

With barrier free showers, to keep the water in place, a flexible rubber strip can be used around the shower that you can easily roll a wheelchair over or walk over, but that helps keep the water in one place. Your shower floor will be slightly slopped downward in order to ensure that water flows into the drain.


If the person with a disability uses a wheelchair, you are going to want to install a toilet that meets America with Disability Act or ADA specifications. The toilet will need to be taller, so it is easy to slide from one's wheelchair to the toilet. There needs to be extra space under the toilet so that the wheelchair can approach the toilet.

Look for a toilet that is labeled as either chair height or comfortable height. Make sure that the flush valve is easy to use as well. An open layout in your bathroom, so it is easy to access and use the toilet.


Finally, you need to make sure that the sink is easy to access. Ideally, you will have a sink that is set up so that one can roll up to the sink and just wash their hands, see the mirror, and be able to get ready without assistance. That means that you need to have a sink that is lower so that a wheelchair can roll right up to it.

If you or someone in your family has a physical disability that requires them to use a wheelchair or a walker, remodeling your bathroom to be barrier free will allow you or your loved one to use the bathroom independently, which is important for both one's physical and mental health.